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A little Breaky
Posted April 21, 2022 at 01:33 pm

Howdy folks!

TL;DR version: I'll be taking a few weeks between chapters this time. I'll still upload a bit of bonus silly content, but the comic itself will resume proper with chapter 20 on May 10!

I call it a break, but mostly I have a giant list of things I need to catch up on haha ;; But I do also want to try to take some extra time for self care! Things have continued to be pretty rough down here with dad's ALS and everything around that. Thank you so much to everyone for your constant patience and understanding as updates have been so Randomly Timed and everything ><

In the meantime I'll also be doing vtube streaming over on @melonypepon! Vtubing has been an incredibly welcome stress reliever lately, and I'm having a ton of fun working on my little cartoon gal. On the day this goes up, we're starting Kirby and the Forgotten Land tonight! So uh maybe stop by if you're into game streams or whatnot! I promise it's not something I plan to pursue full time or anything haha, it's just a good time.

As a side note, thank you all very much for the super nice responses to Chapter 19! Obviously there's a lot left unanswered and some more questions raised, but I'm super excited to be getting to some of these plot beats finally!  Big things are happening!

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