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Posted March 27, 2018 at 06:38 pm
So long story short, Sleepless Domain is going to be published in French by Hachette later this spring! It's been a lot of work in the background preparing the book for print, but now we're ALMOST DONE.
Unfortunately there's a bit of surprise last minute work that really needs to get done for the sake of the book getting printed on time, which doesn't leave time for a comic update today. I'm so sorry! But things will update again as normal on thursday.
The good news for all you non-French-speaking readers: this means the book is that much closer to being ready for our Volume 1 kickstarter later this year! The first volume covers the first 4 chapters, and is about 120 pages (not including inevitable bonus content ;0 ) I'm really excited for it! This cover art will be used for both the French and English versions :)

One things we had to do in preparation for the book is relettering all of chapters 1 and 2 so the formatting matches the rest of the comic. The old pages have been updated with this new lettering on the site, and a bit of dialog has been tweaked and a few continuity edits have been made! Can you spot them!? There's also alt text on those old pages now! So if you've been thinking about rereading the early parts of SD, now's a good time! :0

Sorry again for the lack of a normal page today, and I'll see you on thursday for more of whatever's happening to this small child!!
And in the meantime, here is a sketch I finally finished by request of SD's super cool discorders :)

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