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Guest Art - Charmwitch
Posted February 15, 2018 at 12:00 am
Thank you so much to charmwitch for this awesome pinup! And be sure to check out her own magical webcomic, Solstoria!

And thank you one more time to all the guest artists for the amazing art of my girls, and to everyone for your patience while I took a bit of a break! I'm feeling incredibly recharged from my trip and ready to draw all the magical girls!!!

Oh, and since yesterday was Valentine's Day, I doodled some goofy Nonsense valentines.

This holiday exists in Sleepless Domain's city too, though it is known as Hearts Day. The main goal of Hearts Day is to give chocolate (or other appropriate sweets) to as many friends and coworkers as possible, while also giving a special something to your romantic partner (if ya got one). There's totally magical girl branded valentines for kids In Universe.
Tags: Undine, Kokoro
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