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Posted November 2, 2021 at 12:38 pm

Heya!! So in case you haven't already heard, Volume 1 of Sleepless Domain is now available from Seven Seas Entertainment!

They named volume 1 The Price of Magic. I wonder what a theoretical volume 2 would be named!? The Radness of Friendship? XD

ANYWAY! You can buy it on Amazon, or at a bookstore! Like just a general store that sells books! Wild!!! I've already been seeing some pictures of peoples' preordered copies, which is very exciting! I also got a few copies and they look amazing. The extra bit of graphic design work they did to 'em makes it feel so professional! This is me, gushing about how my book looks like a real book.

The content is the same as the kickstarted volume 1s, so you don't need to buy this one if you got that one. Unless you really want a slightly smaller book with cooler covers. Because I do think this cover turned out pretty dang cool!

I'm super grateful that Sleepless Domain has been given opportunity by Seven Seas, and I hope the book sells well for them!

Oh and as an aside, the Character Poll Results are in and ready to go for a goofy update. But I'm holding off on that until this sequence in the comic is finished, because it feels Wrong to interrupt with such shenanigans hahaha.

Thank you all so much for your readership and support! It means the world to me that I can draw my magical girl story for a living, and I'm incredibly grateful! 

Now back to drawing the next page~!

(From the back cover, very dramatics)

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